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What Is Augur?

Augur is an amazingly imaginative utilization of the Blockchain innovation, which utilizes the blockchain system to give a decentralized, shared, open source, and trustless prophet and expectation advertise stage. Keep reading to explore what is Augur and how it works.

It intends to give clients of the system the capacity to partake in the expectations advertise with next to no charges, and guarantees a safe and decentralized approach to record confirmations of such forecasts. 

What is Augur?

  1. REP was at first reported by designers Jack Peterson and Joseph Krug on seventeenth November, 2014. 
  2. The ICO for Augur started on seventeenth August 2015, and finished on 01st October, 2015 with the crowdsale creating over $5.1 million USD in financing from 2,744 records. 
  3. It runs on the Ethereum arrange which gives a decentralized, hearty, and distributed stage for clients of Augur. It additionally naturally offers help for keen agreements, which is the premise on which the REP innovation has been created. 
  4. REP is an ERC20 token, which implies it is completely upheld by the Ethereum blockchain and is the essential token utilized by Augur to decide on expectation markets. 
  5. The Augur wallets depend on the Ethereum blockchain and deals with the Proof of Stake approach. The REP coin being an ERC20 token is bolstered by all wallets supporting Ethereum by structure. REP utilizes Ethereum’s savvy agreements to give live, shared, decentralized, secure, and strong wagering stages for clients. 

How to Buy REP?

To buy Augur, it is accessible for exchanging on a huge number of trades, for example, HitBTC, with Bittrex and Poloniex being the biggest trades by volume of exchanges.

REP utilizes the PoS approach which brings about a more slender and quicker blockchain, which is fundamentally less asset hungry and ecologically adverse than a comparatively measured PoW organize. 

REP organize is completely upheld by the Ethereum arrange, which implies that it has vigorous and secure help for highlights, for example, brilliant agreements, which are utilized to give the functionalities Augur offers.

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